Code of Conduct

We draw your attention to the Code of Conduct that we expect of all groups visiting BMA.
The following points are the responsibility of the party leaders:

  • To treat each other and other visiting parties with respect at all times regardless of nationality, creed, ethnic origins, gender, race, religious beliefs, age or ability.
  • To always be on time for activity sessions and meal times. Failure to do so could lead to delays
    and less time on activities.
  • BMA operate a non-smoking policy at all times on activities and at the accommodation.
  • Do not disturb any other BMA guest or staff member by being loud, noisy or disrespectful.
  • To use the litter bins at all times.
  • Never use any equipment or activity area unless given permission by a BMA staff member.
  • To keep the activity centre and accommodation clean & tidy at all times reporting any damages
    to a member of staff.
  • Disruptive behavior – Should we encounter disruptive behavior within the group i.e. aggression,
    continued use of bad language, excessive noise, violence etc. The individual/s responsible will be
    isolated from the rest of the group or may be asked to leave and/or sent home (a party leader will
    also be asked to accompany the individual responsible). If problems are still occurring from the
    remaining group, ALL will be asked to leave without delay and no refunds given.
  • Alcohol & Drugs – No person is allowed to consume any alcohol or use any drugs (unless prescribed
    by a doctor) whilst at Black Mountain Activities & Lodge. If any person found with any alcohol or drugs in their possession, they will be asked to leave and sent home immediately along with a party leader to accompany them.
  • Damage – Damage to property and vehicles together with additional transport fee’s will be
    payable in full.
  • Safety All course members must comply with safety regulations and instructions of Black
    Mountain Activities staff. Should an instructor find that a course member/s is being disruptive or jeopardizing the safety of others then that person/s will be asked to leave the course

Should any person be sent home then any additional cost incurred will be the responsibility of the visiting group.