Party leader & teacher responsibilities

At BMA, we aim to work as closely as possible with party leaders and visiting teachers before, during, and after your time with us to ensure that you and your group get the most from your experience. We believe it is important that prior to arrival, you are made aware of the apportioned responsibilities between BMA staff and party leaders / teachers. Throughout the duration of the course, our instructors will be with you for your activities sessions, as a helping hand at dinner and on evening activities. During the evenings & at breakfast times, supervision of the group will fall strictly upon group leaders / teachers. Supervising party leaders / teachers are also expected to take full responsibility for the following:

  • The group’s behaviour, discipline, noise level and pastoral care at all times, both during sessions and in free time.
  • All rooms are to be kept clean and tidy at all times
  • Aerosols are NOT to be used inside the building as this can trigger the fire alarms.
  • The kitchen is out of bounds to all students & staff.
  • All rubbish must be placed in bins at all times
  • No smoking within the building.
  • No games after 9pm.
  • No outside shoes are to be worn inside the building
  • We draw your attention to the Code of Conduct, which outlines the behaviour we expect of all groups staying with BMA.

N.B. The Black Mountain Lodge is within close proximity of other residential properties therefore, we must ask all staff to restrict the use of games & noise outside the accommodation after 9pm.

We also ask all groups to bring at least one vehicle of their own so that in the event of the emergency a nominated group leader/ teacher will have access to a vehicle.

During Activity Sessions

Party Leaders and visiting staff are welcome and encouraged to participate alongside their group on activity sessions. In addition, any assistance that can be given to the instructors in the organisation of the groups during the sessions is also greatly appreciated.

In order to maintain the high standards of safety at BMA, it is essential that accompanying adults and children always follow the guidelines below:

  • To always follow the directions and instructions of BMA staff at all time, and never do anything to compromise their own or anyone else’s safety at anytime.
  • To show consideration for the environment, abide by the country code and treat all areas of the centre with respect.
  • Look after the equipment issued to you for the session.
  • Place all rubbish in the bins or back in to you rucksack.
  • No smoking on the activity session.