White Water Rafting

Wet ‘N’ Wild…Are you up for a good soaking? White water rafting is an ideal way to experience the excitement of moving white water – a must for those who enjoy getting wet and love white-knuckle rides.

white water rafting in wales


Our Kayak Taster Days are designed for complete beginners, giving you an introduction to the art of paddling a closed-cockpit kayak. Kayaking is an exciting, competitive and recreational sport so, for our Taster Days we encompass all of these with a healthy helping of fun and adventure!

kayaking days wales

Gorge Walking

Wet ‘N’ Wild…Are you up for a good soaking? If scrambling waterfalls, jumping off ledges, crawling in and out of small caves and jumping into deep pools sounds good to you, then come and join us for some Gorge Walking in Wales!

gorge walking days in wales