Gorge Walking

Wet ‘N’ Wild…Are you up for a good soaking? If scrambling waterfalls, jumping off ledges, crawling in and out of small caves and jumping into deep pools sounds good to you, then come and join us for some Gorge Walking in Wales!

gorge walking days in wales

Rock Climbing & Abseiling

Our Rock Climbing & Abseiling days take place outdoors on a naturally formed rock face. We have a variety of routes available making this activity suitable for everyone from beginners to experienced climbers. maximum weight 18 stone (115kg).

rock climbing and abseiling days wales


Explore the world beneath your feet. Our instructors will guide through the underground world riddled with caverns, pot holes and passages, a fantastic opportunity to explore the beauty of the subterranean world formed over three millions years ago!

caving days brecon beacons wales