two bare feet sport air 10'6"all-round SUP teal
two bare feet sport air 10'6"all-round SUP teal
two bare feet sport air 10'10"all-round SUP
two bare feet sport air 10'6"all-round SUP teal
two bare feet sport air 10'6"all-round SUP teal
two bare feet sport air 10'10"all-round SUP (teal)

Two Bare Feet Sport Air 10’6″ Inflatable SUP Starter Kit (Teal)


What’s included:

– Sport Air 10’6″ Paddleboard
– Aluminium 3-piece SUP paddle (162 – 210cm)
– Removable 9″ centre fin
– 90 Litre drybag / SUP carry bag (teal)
– Dual action SUP pump
– Maintenance & repair kit
– Downloadable online user guide
– 1 year manufacturers warranty

Colour: Teal

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Always representing the top-end of inflatable SUP manufacturing, the ever-popular Sport Air range has returned for 2020 with further upgrades to the materials and construction processes as well as a fantastic new look. These boards continue to sit at the top end of our range thanks to the incredibly durable Fusion DWF materials used to make them. This process uses extra PVC laminate layers which add rigidity: this is key for performance, and they also offer a much tougher overall board. These extra layers are then fused together using heat, eliminating the need for glue and in turn, reducing the risk of delaminations and punctures.

We designed the Sport Air range to serve the intermediate and expert paddlers among you who are looking for a board that can handle anything you might throw at it. However, if you are just starting out, don’t feel like you’re in the wrong place. The Sport Air’s moderate width certainly promotes speed and progression for more advanced paddlers, but can still offer a stable enough platform for new riders confident in their balance and with their sights set on progressing their riding fast.

The Sport Air Allround 10’6″

This 10’6” x 33” x 4.75” model will suit small-to-medium adults looking for a board that is capable of handling all conditions with confidence. The 10’6” length is considered medium for a SUP so will provide a great balance of straight-line speed and manoeuvrability while the 33” width promotes agility. The 4.75” thick deck offers a stable base and low centre of gravity for riders within the weight range and will make catching waves simple.

Additional information

Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 90 × 40 × 30 cm


– Length: 10'10"
– Width: 33"
– Depth: 6"
– Material Construction: Tough Fusion DWF fabric
– Air Chambers: Single high density composite drop-stitched air chamber (18psi rated)
– Board Volume: 330 Litres (Approximately)
– Board Weight: 10.6kg (23.5lbs)
– Maximum Payload: 200kg (440lbs)
– Recommended Payload for Beginners: 120kg (265lbs)
– Intended Use: Allround use for large riders
– Fin Setup: 2 small 2.5" sidebite fins, plus 1 large 9" removable centre fin (2 + 1)
– D-Rings: 4 deck mounted accessory D-rings, 1 tail-mounted leash attachment & 1 towing D-ring underneath the nose
– Deckgrip: 5mm EVA padding with heat-moulded custom TBF grip pattern
– Straps: 1 centre, 1 nose & 1 tail mounted carry strap
– Bungee Storage: Standard storage bungee to nose of board

What's Included

Our Starter Accessory Package includes the following items

– Sport Air 10' 10" Teal Paddleoboard
– Standard Aluminium 3-piece SUP paddle (162 – 210cm, 1080 grams)
– Removable 9" centre fin
– 90 Litre drybag backpack for storage of your board (blue)
– High pressure SUP pump with dual action function
– Maintenance & repair kit
– Downloadable online user guide
– Warranty registration card (1 year manufacturers warranty)