School Group General Info

School / Youth Group General Information

Thank you for choosing Black Mountain Activities for your activity residential course.

We have put together some details for you below, with information that will be useful in organising your trip to us. If you should have any question or need any further information, not detailed here, please call us on 01497 847897.


ROOMS – Groups will be divided by gender with leader bedrooms interspersed, to allow good supervision to be maintained at all times. Your group will not share rooms with members of any other party. Party leaders will be allocated rooms throughout the accommodation so they can supervise their group. Party leaders will be expected to share rooms with other leaders of the same sex, unless single occupancy rooms have been otherwise arranged.

Please inform us the breakdown of number of boys & girls, as soon as possible, to allow us to arrange bedrooms accordingly.

BEDDINGA sheet and pillow will be provided. You will need to a sleeping bag or duvet. (Unless otherwise stated in your booking confirmation.)

TOWELS – Will not be provided. Students & Leaders will need to bring a towel each.

Dietary & Medical information

MEDICAL FORMS – All participants are required to complete a Medical & Disclaimer Form, prior to taking part in any activity with Black Mountain Activities. Any participant under the age of 16 will need to have their form signed by a parent or guardian. Medical forms can be brought with you and handed in to reception on the day of arrival.

Medical & Disclaimer Forms >>

DIETARY & MEDICAL SUMMARY – We do require you to complete a Dietary & Medical Summary Sheet (attached to confirmation email), and return to us no later than 30 days prior to arrival. This will help give us an indication of any medical conditions in advance, and allow our catering team to plan sufficient menus to cater for all diets. As party leader, we ask you to divide the Students and Leaders into their activity groups when completing the summary sheet.

It is vital that all visitors bring sufficient supplies of their medication and are clearly marked with their names.

Example Kit List

For safety and comfort, groups should always wear clothes that are suitable. All activities take place outdoors where conditions may be wet & muddy therefore sensible sports clothing and footwear is required; parents should be made aware of this and not allow children to bring expensive clothing. As the activities take place outdoors, even during the summer months, it is important to ensure your group bring warm and waterproof clothing as well as a hat and sunscreen. For safety reasons, hair will need to be tied back so, please ensure all participants bring hair ties etc.

Please ensure all students & staff, bring the following:-

The Basics

• Sufficient supply of socks and underwear.
• Night-clothes
• Sleeping Bag or duvet (unless bedding is provided and stated in your confirmation email)
• Towel and toiletries
• Water bottle
• Sun cream factor 30+

Clothes for activities

• 3 pairs of trousers e.g. Tracksuit bottoms/leggings NB. No jeans or denim.
• 3 t-shirts, Sports Tops, sweatshirts
• 2 pairs of shorts.
• 2 thick jumpers
• 1 light sweater (preferably wool or fleece)
• Waterproof jacket and trousers
• Hat and gloves and scarf for colder months


• 1 pair of Walking Boots or sturdy Trainers
• 2 pair of Trainers (one for the activities and the other for general use)

Activity Clothing Information & What to Bring

All activities take place outdoors where conditions may be wet & muddy and therefore, for safety and comfort, groups should always wear clothes that are suitable. Most activities require sensible sports clothing and footwear. In addition bring something with you to tie back long hair and always have any needed medication with you.

It is important to emphasise to your group to bring warm clothing and waterproofs, even in summer months. It should be remembered that as the programme involves outdoor activities, clothes and shoes might get very dirty; please deter anyone from bringing expensive clothing and footwear.

Please do not bring valuables where possible.

Activity Clothing Information >>

Example Menu Provided

Please note: Menus will vary depending on the accommodation provider. This will be sent to you via email closer to the time. The below menu is based on The Black Mountain Lodge.


  • Cooked Breakfast usually consisting of 2 item (i.e. Eggs & Bacon)
  • Toast
  • Cereals
  • Fruit Juice
  • Tea & Coffee for Leaders

Packed Lunch

  • Filled roll or sandwiches, e.g. ham, tuna, cheese or turkey
  • Piece of fruit
  • Packet of crisps.
  • Bar of chocolate.
  • Piece of cake
  • Squash or Water provided – please bring a water bottle that can be re-used throughout the week

Evening meals

  • 2-Course Dinner (main & dessert) i.e. Jacket potato with various fillings & Sticky Toffee Pudding
  • Squash or Water
  • Tea & Coffee for leaders