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Palm Kayak Infinity Heavy Duty Float Bag – Medium 25L

Heavy-duty floatation airbags with screw lock valves‚ shaped to fit modern kayaks. Install these in your kayak to prevent water filling the boat in the event of a capsize.

Panda Boardsports Quick Release SUP Leash Waist Belt

The SUP Quick Release Belt attachment is designed to raise your ankle leash out of the water and out of the way of any potential drag risks.

The belts fit comfortably around your waist, and the cuff from your existing leash simply fits through the loop at the back of the belt.

Available in Adult or Junior Size

RUK Canoe Paddle

Often used by people who are just starting out in the sport of open canoeing. The RUK Canoe paddle is robust enough to with stand the day to day stresses a paddle will endure.

Two Bare Feet Deluxe Coiled Swivel SUP Leash

Two Bare Feet Deluxe Coiled Swivel SUP Leash – RED

Two Bare Feet Standard 3 Piece Aluminium SUP Paddle

This adjustable aluminium paddle is the perfect accessory for your new paddleboard. This is such a versatile paddle it is no wonder we include one with each of our premium paddleboard starter packs.