Disclaimer & Consent

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Whilst we are dedicated to the safety of the clients and endeavour to ensure all activities are operated to a very high standard of safety, there is always an element of unforeseen risk. Anyone wishing to take part in an activity operated by Black Mountain Activities does so with this understanding. All activities offered can be physically demanding therefore, you should be in reasonably good health & physically fit before participating. It is always advisable to seek medical advice if you are unsure about your health.

Coronavirus (Covid-19)-Please be aware that government guidelines for Covid-19 differ between England and Wales. To ensure the safety of your child, teaching staff, and the staff at Black Mountain Adventure, please visit the Welsh Government guidelines for up to date information on face masks/coverings, Lateral flow tests and PCR tests. Information can be found at www.gov.wales prior to your child's school visit. Please also check and adhere to any school requirements in relation to current guidelines prior to you child's school visit to Wales.

Understanding & Acceptance of Risk

I (the parent/guardian) can confirm that all details given are true and correct and that my child is fit and able to participate in the activities organised.

I (the parent/guardian) understand that all activities take place in the outdoors where conditions may be wet, slippery and hazardous. I accept that there is an element in unforeseen risk and give consent for my child to take part in the organised activities.

I (the parent/guardian) agree to ensure that my child understands, as far as reasonably possible, that is is important for his/her safety, that of their peers and as a whole, any rules and instructions given by staff are strictly adhered to at all times. I understand & agree that should an instructor feel my child is jeopardizing the safety of themselves, and/or others, they will be excluded from the activity without refund.

  • I (the parent/guardian) understand and agree that my child will not attend or take part in any activity if they are showing signs/symptoms of Covid-19, test positive for Covid-19 by way of lateral flow test or PCR test, or are awaiting the results of a PCR test on the date of their organised activities.

  • Consent

    I (the parent/guardian) consent to any emergency medical treatment necessary to be given to my child by on-site first aiders or qualified medical respondents in the event of an accident.

    I (the parent/guardian) consent to Black mountain Activities Ltd taking photographs and video as means of promoting the business through displays, presentations, social media and website.

    Please ensure all details provided within this form are correct and up to date. By submitting this form you are informing Black Mountain Adventure on behalf of your child that they are fit and well to participate in activities and that they will not attend if showing symptoms of Covid-19, test positive for covid-19 by way of lateral flow or PCR test, or are awaiting the results of a PCR test on the date of their activity. If you should have any queries, please give us a call on 01497 847897.