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High Level Ropes Course

Looking for a couple of hours of fun that will challenge your head for heights Or, looking for a team building event which will push you outside your comfort zone? Then our high level ropes course is the activity for you!

Located within the grounds of our activity centre, the High Level Ropes Course is made up of a range of exciting challenges, starting from 10ft above the ground working upto 30ft, designed to push you through your comfort zone! And, to give you that adrenaline rush the course is complete with a 10m high Trapeze and 90m Zip Wire. This activity is fantastic for all ages (8 years +) and group types and is a great medium for team building events as well as personal challenges.

The High Level Ropes Course is a half day session lasting 2-3 hours, with a choice of either a morning or afternoon slot. Or, if you want to make a day it then you can Mix 'N' Match with one of our other activities such as Archery, Canoeing, Paintaballing, the Climbing & Abseiling Tower, and many more.

The Elements

Balance Log

This will test your head for heights and get the adrenaline flowing as you walk along the log 10 meters off the ground as High as the top of the roof on your house!

Indian Rope Bridge

A ladder with a difference. Laid horizontally makes climbing a ladder a doddle! No hands and only 10 feet off the ground!

indian ropes bride photo

ropes course monkey swings photo Monkey Swings

Swings that are not to sit on but to stand on! all you need to do is to cross the gap by stepping from Swing to swing!
Sounds simple? we will see!


If height's are not a problem then this is for you! Trying to hold on to those vines while you cross the divide is not as easy as you think!

ropes course grapevine photo

ropes course criss cross photo

Criss Cross

Two ropes criss crossing at the centre. A challenge to test your agility and hand/eye co-ordination.

Postman's Walk

A very popular task. Two ropes -one for your hands and one for your feet. Balance would help!
ropes course postmans walk
ropes course leap of faith photo Leap of Faith

Jumping for a trapeze bar sound easy? Not if you're 10m off the ground & trying to balance on a wobbly pole! This element is sure to give you an adrenaline boost as you tackle the ultimate challenge of the day!
Zip Wire

The day would not be complete without a ride on our aerial runway! A nerve shaking, heart racing, adrenaline pumping, 90 meter zip wire -The ultimate end to a fantastic day!!
ropes course zip wire photo

Team Elements

teaom building all aboard photo

All Aboard

Get at least 3 people to the top of the pole & balance on a 12" square platform together. This task relies on trust & team work, as one by one each person arrives at the top but, the challenge doesn't end there! Next you will need to link arms and lean back with just your toes on the edge of the platform. Don't look down!

Jacobs Ladder

A team challenge! Simply climb the ladder to the top; it will take all the members of your team to reach the top, testing teamwork, trust and communication to the full.

team building jacobs ladder photo

Our philosophy is one of "Challenge by Choice", where participants make their own choices as to the level of challenge they wish to undertake on the day and are given high levels of support and encouragement. This may range from active roles and functions, which do not require them to leave ground level to undertaking the most demanding of challenges.

By the end of the day we aim to have helped you to increase and develop your self confidence, have a better understanding of your colleagues' strengths and weaknesses, as well as challenged yourself and of course, had a Great fun day!

Times Prices
Morning 9.15am to 12.30pm
Afternoon 1.15pm to 4.30pm
Adults £35.00 per person
Child £28.00 per person

**Finishing times may vary depending on group size**

For groups of 8 people or more we do offer group discounts, please contact us for more details.

We do require a minimum of 4 people in order to run our orienteering sessions, for more information on this please
contact us direct on 01497 847897.

For more information, please call 01497847897!
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